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The Book:

Jambalaya is a graphic novel written, illustrated and self published by artist Rahul Patil. Go on an exciting adventure with Rahul and Kiri and explore a world that is full of wonder, mystery and danger in this comic. If you like stories like Jumanji, Uncharted or Tomb Raider, this one will be right up your alley. Based on four illustrations done in the 100daysofsketching series.

This book is not only meant to showcase Rahul's beautiful artwork but is also intended for inspiring artists like him who want to create their own comic book one day. Start small!


Heres what the readers have to say:

"A fun filled action adventure born out of love." - Keshav Rathnavel, Artist and Youtuber @Keshrt

"Rahul weaves an enticing storyline with his unique art style, lively characters, vibrant choice of colors and a beautiful play of light and shadow. This book is a visual treat for all ages!" - Sameera Maruvada, Cartoonist, @Saltandsambar

"With colorful illustrations and a wacky storyline, Rahul makes a fantastic debut - both as a creator and as a protagonist." - Mansi Gautam, Blogger, @Kalakaarimom

"A simple yet engaging story coupled with immersive illustrations firmly props Rahul as the next star of the Indian comic industry." - Ambuj, Blogger, @Traveltellers

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The Dream Project:

I have been making comic strips and characters for over two years now and I can proudly say i have made 60+ comic strips that you can read on my Instagram page.
I have also completed the #100daysofsketching challenge TWO times! that means 200 illustrations! That's a very satisfying achievement for me indeed. It was about time I worked on something big!

Its has been a long time dream of mine to get a book printed with all my art that my fans and I can physically hold and read. Its always a good idea to start small, so I had come up with this little project of creating my comic book.


The Challenge:

As i had never made a comic book before, I was aware that I am going to face a lot of challenges at various stages in this project.

  • Illustrating and designing 42 fully colored pages.
  • Illustrating and designing the cover page along with insides.
  • Getting the book setup for printing.
  • Packaging and Shipping all the orders.

I am a perfectionist and you will definitely be delighted to have this book. It is a piece of work I will always be proud of. I have spent a lot of time working on my art style in the past two years and this is the best example of my art.

This book is the result of three whole months of hard work and whether you are an artist or just a fan of my style or you like adventure or comic books, you definitely want to get this book!


Comic Book Details:

  • A5/ 5.8" x 8.27"
  • Ages 8+
  • Perfect Binding Soft Cover
  • Cover + 42 fully illustrated and colored comic pages + bonus art
  • High Quality Art Paper and beautiful colors.
  • Printed in India


Comic Book: Rs. 549 +shipping

    • Comic Book Signed by the artist
    • Exclusive Concept art print (double sided)
    • Exclusive A5 Art Print
    • Note of thanks with Names of all the First Backers
    • Heavy Discount included for the Digital Edition.
    • Warm fuzzy feeling included for buying from and supporting a self published artist. :-)



      Customer Reviews

      Based on 27 reviews Write a review

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 27 reviews
      Syama Mithun
      Awesome book

      I love the story and I am already a big fan of sketched up illustration. Really appreciate his efforts.best wishes for your future projects 🥰

      Vedant Shiraskar
      The Most Beautiful and Gorgeous Book

      The book at first look was the best for me. As soon as the package arrived I was super excited, and the 549 Rupees worth it, the book is seriously awesome and I definitely definitely recommend buying that. The book had a short and sweet story no complicated words and the best art I saw ever in a comic.

      Himanshu kuche
      Worth purchasing it

      I had to tell you, the comic book is freaking amazing🤩 and it is my First ever comic book that I purchased & read! Not gonna lie
      I literally felt that I was in the comic, it was your first comic book and I hope it should not be the last,I loved it😍 keep creating

      You are an amazing Artist, don’t stop, the comic made my day❤️

      Waiting for more...

      Thank you for the appreciation.

      Avadhut P.
      Fabulous combination of illustration and mystery !

      First of all , I recommend this book to all !
      Though you are a young artist or just want a book to read , this is really a epic book filled with lots and lots of love ! The characters , the plot , the ending , the illustrations , the twists, OH BOY !!! This book is AMAZING!!! This is a real masterpiece of Rahul....

      Roshni Chhabria
      Amazing Comic Book

      The most amazing comic i have read great illustrations great work

      Inspiring Work!

      Thank you