Rahul's Portfolio

Rahul Patil - Illustrator - Comic Artist

contact: [email protected]

Hello there! 

I'm Rahul Patil and I'm a professional Illustrator and Comic Artist. I'm based in Mumbai, India and I love telling stories through my art.

I love creating children's books illustrations, comic books, web comics and personalised illustrations for invitations.

Having worked as a 3D artist for eight years prior, I have been working as an independent artist since January 2020 and have worked upon a large number of artworks and projects since. I have worked for clients as well as personal projects.

I am always looking for new projects and creative opportunities, so feel free to contact me at [email protected]


Published Work

The Essential Handbook for Creating Characters Self Published (11 March, 2023)

Robots and Other Drawings Self Published (10 July, 2022)

The Call of Kallisto - Issue 01 Self Published (20 October, 2021)

Jambalaya Self Published (26 December, 2020)

Here is the kind of work I do. Sharing below some of my favourites.