- How long will my order take?
After your order is shipped, it should usually take 5-7 days to reach you.

- I live outside India. Can I still buy your products?
We don't ship outside India for now. Maybe in the future? stay tuned.

- Delivery was attempted but I was unavailable, what now?
Delivery people usually attempt the delivery twice. Please make sure someone is available to pick the items. If you miss the delivery twice then it would be returned to us. We then would need to re-ship it to you after receiving payment for additional delivery charges.

- I have received a damaged product, what should I do?
If you have received a damaged product, please write to us and let us know about the issue and whether you want a refund or return. If any damage has occurred to the product during shipment, send us an email along with a photo to [email protected]. Upon confirmation, we can replace it if brought to our notice within 72 hours from the date of being delivered. We will make sure we sort this out as smoothly as possible! Be sure to check our Refund Policy.

- I’m not happy with my product, what should I do?
We are so sorry to hear this. Please write to us. We would love to know the feedback and would want to know what disappointed you. Hopefully we can make things better!

- I want a customised product, can you do that?

Yes, if your quantity is slightly large, we could definitely make you something very personalised and customised. We do not customize our existing line of product designs.

- What are the delivery charges?
Delivery charges depend on the total weight and volume of the product ordered. You will be charged accordingly at the checkout.

- Can I change delivery address of the item I ordered?
If we are yet to ship your order, we can change the delivery address. Write to us or email us at [email protected] as soon as you can. If order is shipped already, we wont be able to change the address.

- How do I track my shipment?
After we ship your order, we will send you a mail with the tracking details. You can follow the guidelines given in the mail to track your order.

- I placed an order but now I wish to cancel it, what can I do?
We are so sorry, but we don’t accept cancellations. We hope our warmth reaches you and you fall in love with our product!

- I placed an order but I entered the wrong address, what can I do?
You can write to us at [email protected] with your order ID, we will issue a refund of your total order value minus shipping + RTO fees. Alongside, you can place a new order & we'll handle the rest!

- Do you have discounts/ sales?
Yes we do. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated!

- The product I want is out of stock, what can I do?

Oh no! We’re so sorry! We will make sure its back on soon - you could drop us an email about your enquiry, we will notify you as soon as it's available!

- Is your website secure?
Yes, our website is secure. When we ask you for your address, phone number or credit/debit card information, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encrypt the communication.

Feel free to ask us anything!