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The Essential Handbook for Creating Characters - DIGITAL PDF

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Instant Download of Part 1-3 PDF.

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In this Ebook, I am going to share with you all the skills needed to start and create memorable human characters that I have picked up in my illustration career over the last four years. I have created hundreds of characters which you can see in my portfolio here.

This Ebook contains tutorials and steps that you can take to learn the art of character design.

What you will Learn:

In the Drawing Section, I share the skills needed to draw human characters with basic anatomy, heads and full bodies, line of action, silhouettes and way more using exercises.

In the Designing Section, I cover different features like eyes, noses, hands, etc, using design elements like shapes, contrast, male vs female, body types, age groups, outfits, accessories and storytelling.

In the Presentation Section, I show how to test your character with expressions and poses and finally how to present it with turnarounds or a hero pose.

In the Gallery Section, you get 4 character designs that I have created to demonstrate the skills learned in the book. Find 4 more exclusively in the print version. (March 2023)

This book is suitable for beginners in Character Design as I explain everything in simple steps.

When you Preorder you get:

  • Part 1-3 (80 Pages) Instant Download
  • Bonus Gallery Content will be available soon.
  • Bonus Free Live Demos on Character Design and other Micro Skills with QnA through this year.

Book Details:

  • The Final Ebook will be a PDF file with 90 pages.
  • High-Resolution Images and art.

Note: The file is stamped with customer details to prevent piracy.

For any technical issues or difficulty downloading the file contact [email protected]


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